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This Little Cow Eats Grass


This Little Cow Eats Grass

  • Vocal mp3 download
  • Lyric Sheet PDF download


Time Signature: 4/4                   Key: C  Major

This Little Cow Eats Grass is a traditional fingerplay/tickling song for babies and toddlers.
The author is unknown.

This delightful little song is most well know as a finger play song. Finger play is so important in teaching and enhancing children’s  fine motor skills.

Here is a link to one version a finger play for this song: Fingerplay

Melodically, the range is a full octave, so children learn to hear and sing the same note (d) an octave higher (d’).

The time signature is 4/4 and lends itself to simple beat actions and activities.

Teaching Points: d m s; d r m f s l d’; fingerplay, storyboard.


Audio Single Song

  • Vocal mp3
  • Lyric Sheet

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Value Pack

This Little Cow Eats Grass is also available as a SINGLE SONG PACK with the following contents:

  • Vocal mp3
  • Instrumental mp3
  • Instrumental with melody mp3
  • Lyric Sheet PDF
  • Colored Poster PDF
  • Coloring Sheet PDF
  • Sheet Music PDF

Click on this link to go to This Little Cow Eats Grass Single Song Pack



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