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Starlight Starbright


Audio Single Song – Starlight Starbright

  • Vocal mp3 download
  • Lyric Sheet PDF download


Time Signature: 2/4       Key: D Major

Starlight Starbright is a popular English nursery rhyme. The lyrics of the poem are generally the following:

Star light, star bright,

First star I see tonight;

I wish I may, I wish I might,

Have the wish I wish tonight.

The origin of  the superstition of hoping for wishes granted, when seeing a shooting or falling star may date back to the ancient world.

Wishing on the first star seen may also predate this rhyme, which first began to be recorded in late nineteenth-century America.

The song and tradition seem to have reached Britain by the early twentieth century and have since spread worldwide.
(Source: Wikipedia)

Starlight is a great song for teaching “ta” (crotchet beat) and “ti-ti” (2 quavers) and is often included as a core song in the first year of formal music education classes. It’s simplicity is perfect for young children to learn these basic rhythms.

The melody uses only two tones –  “so” and “mi” which are the first two solfa names children learn in the popular Kodaly system of music education. This is the other reason it is often included in the Early Education music curriculum.

Because it is a soft, gentle song, it is also ideal for teaching dynamics eg piano (soft).

To reinforce dynamics, in this recording, there are 4 verses and the first verse is soft, the 2nd verse is a little louder, the 3rd verse is the loudest and the 4th verse is soft again to finish.

Teaching Points: ta, ti -ti, so, mi, beat, rhythm, in tune singing.


Audio Single Song

  • Vocal mp3
  • Lyric Sheet

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Single Song Pack

Starlight Starbright  is also available as a SINGLE SONG PACK with the following contents:

  • Vocal mp3
  • Instrumental mp3
  • Instrumental with melody mp3
  • Lyric Sheet PDF
  • Colored Poster PDF
  • Coloring Sheet PDF
  • Sheet Music PDF

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