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Hey Diddle Diddle


Hey Diddle Diddle

  • Vocal mp3 download
  • Lyric Sheet PDF download


Time Signature: 6/8                 Key: Eb Major

Hey Diddle Diddle is a popular traditional English Nursery Rhyme which may date back to at least the sixteenth century.

The earliest recorded version of the poem resembling the modern form was printed around 1765 in London. The melody commonly associated with the rhyme was first recorded in 1870.

The word “sport” in the rhyme is sometimes replaced with “fun”, “a sight”, or “craft.”
(Source: Wikipedia)

Hey Diddle Diddle is a perfect song for introducing 6/8 metre. The use of simple compound rhythms makes this song ideal for young children.

Without having to know the music theory, they are learning 6/8 metre through experiential learning.

With it’s simple 6/8 metre beat, it’s a perfect lap song for teaching and reinforcing the beat.

Parents can help kinesthetic learning, by bouncing their young children on knees, or holding and rocking them to the beat.

Alternatively, children could easily act out the characters and their actions in this rhyme: cat, cow, moon, dog, dish, spoon.

Teaching Points: 6/8 metre beat,  lap song, drama, Nursery Rhyme.


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  • Vocal mp3
  • Lyric Sheet

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Single Song Pack

Hey Diddle Diddle  is also available as a SINGLE SONG PACK with the following contents:

  • Vocal mp3
  • Instrumental mp3
  • Instrumental with melody mp3
  • Lyric Sheet PDF
  • Colored Poster PDF
  • Coloring Sheet PDF
  • Sheet Music PDF

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