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Teaching Your Kids To Sing

Teaching Your Kids To Sing: Babies

Babies love music and they actually will sing before they can talk!

A lot of fuss is made over a child’s first spoken words, but what about when they first sing?

Usually it is ignored and so the baby or child doesn’t keep singing.

It can be a very fleeting, quick sound, so it can easily be missed.

If an adult recognizes and acknowledges their singing, then the child will continue to sing and develop their singing voice.

How do we do acknowledge a baby’s attempts at singing?

One way is to pitch match them.

This is simply singing the same note as theirs back to them, with a big smile to let me know you like it when they sing.

We can also say to them “did I hear you sing?”

Teaching Your Kids To Sing: Using Props

You can also use a puppet that springs up, or a toy that does something whenever they sing.

The babies catch on that the clown, or the toy pops out or up when they sing.

Using the same props, you can encourage your baby or child to sing by simply singing first – just using ooh or ah vowel sounds and waiting to see if they respond.

This may take a lot of patience, or it may happen quickly. Allow the uncomfortable waiting time after you sing to give your child time.

 Again, it may not happen for months. Repetition is the key to success.

When you sing use a high voice, because that is what babies do when they first sing.

If you are not sure what to sing, sing two notes on the soh – mi interval. egs G and E; A and F#; B and G; C and A

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Teaching Your Kids To Sing: Using Repetition

We all learn through repetition and especially babies need to hear songs over and over in order to learn them.

Consistent repetition of songs and acknowledgment of their fleeting attempts at singing will help your baby to sing and learn music organically.

Traditional songs teach babies so much and there are many songs that are great for mothers/fathers and babies to enjoy together.

Lap songs, tickle songs/rhymes, fingerplay songs are wonderful for interactive fun and learning.

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